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Nomadic Cricket

“Nomadiccricket.com  - more cricket for more people”

Simply put Nomadiccricket.com seeks to facilitate the playing of “more cricket by more people” by connecting nomadic cricket clubs, players, and cricket friends worldwide.

We would also like to be able to explain the ethos of nomadic cricket to those who have never played and to future generations of players.

Initially we are creating a community website listing all the clubs listed in “Gentlemen, Gypsies and Jesters, The Wonderful World of Wandering Cricket” a book written by Stephen Chalke and Anthony Gibson in support of the Cricket Foundation’s Chance to Shine project due to be published in July 2013.

We are providing a service for anyone to buy this exciting new book online and, if they wish, to become a friend of Chance to Shine.  Anyone ordering before 30th April 2013 will have their name included in a special “patrons appendix” in the book.

We also wish that those clubs in our “directory” will edit their entries and keep them up to date for possible further editions of the book, and as an accessible record about the club.  There is also the opportunity for those clubs not yet included in the directory to post their histories for the first time.

We hope this first website will a create a forum for the nomadic cricket community which could later be expanded into a site to make the organisation of games easier, to help match managers to contact players, and therefore to facilitate “more cricket for more people”.